Despite being skilled musicians with a seemingly refined technical style for the hard rock genre, WOLVES OF EDEN are simply wild animals underneath. The sweeping layers of synths, hard hitting guitar riffs, ominous vocals & strange chord progressions are all done in harmony with surgical precision but barely contain the raw emotion that is their true muse. As the name & logo both suggest, the band’s main emotional narrative is about the duality of man. Not a good versus evil, but a power struggle between our animal nature of rage, passion, & often ugly truth & our need to be refined, logical, technological & manipulative. W.O.E. never choose a side but rather show how formidable the two can be if performed in perfect harmony.

WOLVES OF EDEN the brain child of Guitarist/Singer Jason Rain. Started in early 2014 with the idea of taking his favorite elements of different genres of Hard Rock, Electronica, Jazz, and Orchestral to form it’s own blend. With songs based on rebellion, individualism, revenge and conspiracy, these guys definitely seem to have a bone to pick with society. A studio guitarist and film/tv composer for years in the San Diego and LA scenes, Jason’s diverse influences and experience fueled the fire. Backed up by jazz fusion bassist Ricardo Robledo and gospel drummer Dominic Bullock, The band has plenty of diverse influences to pull from. W.O.E.’s first Single “Dark Like a Shadow” has already been released and expect the full EP and shows to come mid September.

Jason Rain – Vocals/Guitar








John True – Keys 

Zane Besnoy – Bass 


Dominic Bullock – Drums